Service Center

EFT Energy's Service Center is here to help our clients proactively manage energy!

Let us work as an extension of your team to monitor, track, trend, and forecast energy anomalies giving your business a competitive advantage.

EFT's Service Center offers a full range of support services to help our clients maximize the benefits of the EFT Energy data management platform. Customers can subscribe to the service levels that best match their needs. Bronze, Silver, and Gold service bundles are available.


Energy Data Management

EFT's technicians monitor your data and communication links to identify issues relating to data integrity and work with your team to quickly resolve all such issues.

Site Management

EFT's technicians work with you to ensure that the software is configured correctly for each site, including ongoing assistance with the management of meters, users, and utility tariffs.

Report Building

EFT's technicians work with you to define, create, manage, and schedule the appropriate advanced, custom, and automatic reports as well as configure alarms specific to your needs.

Measurement & Verification

EFT's technicians work with you to define, create, manage, and build appropriate IPMVP data models and reports necessary to establish an accurate energy baseline and track progress against goals and baselines.

Proactive / Advanced Energy Analytics

EFT's technicians work with you to utilize the advanced features of the software to mine for energy anomalies, forecast short-term energy consumption and demand needs, and provide proactive alerts on pending energy events.