Standard Energy Reporting Software Modules

Energy Manager v6.0 has exceptional energy reporting software capability and truly interactive graphs and reports, providing intuitive drill down functionality and a unique linking capability so that all reports are no more than 3 clicks away.

Standard Reporting Modules

Energy Manager v6.0 offers the following reports in the Standard Reporting Module:

Energy Reporting SoftwareThe Energy Analysis

The Energy Analysis report enables you to access your daily, weekly, monthly, annual, and comparative cost and consumption data in easily understood graphical and tabular reports.

Baseload Analysis

Energy Reporting SoftwareThe Baseload Analysis report enables you to monitor any specified baseload against actual consumption, allowing you to quickly identify anomalies in energy consumption.

Energy Center

Energy Reporting SoftwareThe Energy Center report allows you to break down your energy usage into “operational buckets” (e.g. fuel type, production line, product mix, facility area, etc.) enabling you to establish cost centers to drive greater accountability.

Building Performance

Energy Reporting SoftwareThe Building Performance report allows you to create multi-site building comparisons that enable you to easily identify comparative inefficiencies and therefore, optimize building or process line performances against all Key Performance Indicators (KPI's).





Energy League

The Energy League report allows you to create meter benchmarking reports to highlight the performance of meter, meter aggregation, or KPI’s within the company organization to highlight best performance.


Profile Analysis

The Profile Analysis report allows you to create profiles which may be viewed in one-minute to one-year frequency levels, facilitating greater insight and understanding of what’s happening within a specific integration period.  It also allows for higher frequency reporting on any number of analog metering points, including Production, Environmental, Temperature, and Flow-rate components.


Budget Analysis

Energy Reporting SoftwareThe Budget Analysis report allows you to create custom reporting of budget or target set points that can be viewed at any chosen frequency level, allowing you to promptly identify at-a-glance any budget or target overruns.  Using drill-down functionality, these overspends can be further specifically identified.


Energy Reporting SoftwareCarbon Emissions

The Carbon Emissions report allows you to track the carbon emissions associated with any meter in your facility.






Energy Reporting SoftwarePower Factor

The Power Factor report displays the relationship between KVArh and kWh.  Typically, if the power factor falls below a certain limit, usually 0.80 or 0.95 depending on the local utility, a power factor penalty or charge may be incurred.