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Introduction to EFT‘s Energy Data Loggers

EFT‘s energy monitoring software make it easy to gather energy and production data via energy data loggers that not only catpure hardwired signals, but also capture data using Modbus RTU and TCP.

NEnergy Monitorano

The EFT Nano Gateway is an intelligent, flexible data acquisition server and controller allowing users to collect energy & production data from meters, sensors, building control systems, industrial control systems, and enterprise resource planning systems.  The EFT Nano Gateway is designed to connect to IP-based applications such as enterprise energy management, demand response, smart grid programs and lets you connect thousands of energy points, benchmark energy usage and reduce energy costs.  Furthermore, with its four control outputs, it utilizes server-based logic, forecasting models, and schedules to optimizes energy consumption, control demand and provide remote control of lighting, set points, and control strategies.

The EFT Nano Gateway collects and logs data from connected devices based on user selected intervals.  Data from downstream devices are time stamped and stored in non-volatile memory.  This interval data is stored locally until the next scheduled upload or manual download.  Using an Ethernet (LAN) connection data can be pushed via HTTP or FTP.


Energy Monitor

Like the smaller Nano, The EFT Optimizer is an intelligent, flexible data acquisition server and controller allowing users to collect energy & production data from meters, sensors, building control systems, industrial control systems, and enterprise resource planning systems.  The EFT Optimizer has a larger I/O and memory capacity handling up to 72 discrete and / or analog input and can store  logged data up to 6 months.



 Metering (Available in Ireland & UK markets only)

EFT Energy is The Irish Distributor For The Sinergy Range of Sub-Metering Equipment.

Sinergy products are easy to install, non-invasive technology available as a fixed system or a portable system dependant on your requirements.

The Sinergy range of products are very flexible and can give you the ability to measure down to whatever level you require - by building, by floor, by circuit, even down to machine level and through using our software Key Performance Indicators for Energy Management can easily be established and targeted.

Why Does EFT Energy Work With Sinergy?

  • Sinergy has unique non-invasive technology
  • Sinergy has fixed and portable sub-metering solutions
  • Sinergy clamps offer a low power optional integral hybrid integrator mounted within the clip assembly for superior accuracy and linearity
  • No local voltage connections are necessary
  • Sinergy Clip-on and Flexeclamp CT's utilise a precision wound aircored inductor integrally coupled to a hybrid integrator module to provide an ac voltage signal directly proportional to the ac current being measured
  • Flexeclamps are manufactured between 30cm and 1.5m lengths with primary current ratings between 100amps and 10,000 amps
  • Sinergy provides a wide range of CT's, all clip-on for easy installation

KLIK - Multi-function clip-on KWh meter module

KLIK is a multi-function clip-on KWh sub-metering system delivering companies with the means of identifying potential cost reductions by showing exactly where their power is being used and therefore enabling cost effective measures to be put in place.

The KLIK System is very fast and cost effective to install, all connections are plug-in and pulse outputs can be wired in low grade cable up to distances of 1 km. Fitting is easy, supplies do not need to be isolated or cables disconnected and separate cubicles, panel cut outs and CT mounting kits are all unnecessary. Bobbin CT's can even piggy back onto the 5 amp secondaries of existing CT's or ammeter switch wiring.

Sub-Meter panels can be factory assembled enclosures made to order enabling CT's to be easily plugged in. Panels can also be fitted with MCB's and optional multi channel radio, GSM or PSTN modem logger modules.


    • Plug in connections, DIN rail fitment
    • Displays all measurements
    • Hi peak demand alarm option
    • On site multi pulse programming
    • Use clip-on, bobbin or Flexeclamp CT's
    • Long distance CT wiring options

Escot - Clip-on Metering Systems

The Escot system provides a new approach to automatic energy data capture through using CT's which transmit a low voltage signal directly proportional to energy consumption. Low specification signal cables can be routed throughout a building to Collator units.

The major advantage of using clip-on Escot CT's is that unlike standard sub-meter installations,no fused 230v or 415v connections have to be made at each remote meter point. This offers enormous cost savings for monitoring and targeting applications particularly in multi-storey buildings.

Escot collators derive their operational power from a single phase supply. The Collator must share the same distribution transformer supply as the network over which the system Escot's are fitted.

Each Collator automatically calculates and injects the appropriate phase voltage reference vector into the Escot signal. Pulse and serial data outputs are generated with typical kW/kWh measurement accuracies in the order of 2%.

Escot Collator Panels

Each 36 way panel accepts up to 36 Escot CT's of any type. Unbalanced 30 loads need 3 CT's whilst balanced and 10 loads only use 1 CT.

We will fit multiple collator panels into suitable enclosures or supply mounted on a back panel only.



e-Tracker Portable Energy Monitor

The e-Tracker is a portable KWh meter which monitors the incoming power supply to show the pattern of demand over an hour, day, week or month. As e-Tracker is portable you have the flexibility to use it for measuring circuits and specific equipment without the need to have a fixed sub-metering solution.

The e-Tracker also displays average demand to enable the calculation of Load Factor, and through measurement it creates a pattern of useage, which then helps determine any causes of demand excursions and potential unauthorised consumption.

Phase current imbalance affects energy costs by increasing temperature losses on neutral or phase cables and distribution transformers.

Poor power factor causes higher currents to flow for the equivalent plant energy conversion compared with unity power factor. e-Tracker will help determine if distribution wiring needs to be re-routed or whether departmental or machine level power factor correction would be cost effective. The cost of expanding production or occupancy can be drastically reduced if e-Tracker proves that the capacity of an existing distribution transformer and cables are accurate.

e-Tracker's practicality extends down to individual loads enabling trials to be done on manufacturing controls on things such as temperature, pressure, speed or material specification and if product quality is able to be maintained then the reduced count of kWh's will influence whether this manufacturing trial could be adopted permanently.


    • 16 day battery life
    • Magnetic back for easy install
    • Multiple memory locations
    • Pulse input
    • No voltage connections needed
    • Optical meter reader option
    • CT amps range indicator
    • Clip-on CT's
    • HV Interface input EV-Trac electrostatic phase identifier

Sold as a full kit comprising of:

    • e-Tracker with integral EV-TRAC 10-30 Voltage reference converter
    • Set of 3 F30-1000 Dual range flexeclamps CT's 30cm - 1000A/200A
    • Set of 3 Fused volt clips
    • Single phase lead, EV-TRAC phase identity probe
    • Report and graphical analysis software
    • RS232 comms port and all leads + USB adaptor - memory stick download option (MK2B only)
    • Carry case
    • Total kit weight 4kg