Energy Manager v6.0

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Energy Management Software Designed to Help Control Energy Costs


Energy AnalyticsEFT Energy Manager v6.0 is a superior, web-based enterprise energy management software platform with advanced energy analytics that empowers businesses to measure, monitor, manage, and analyze their energy consumption, carbon emissions, and expenses across all utilities in real time.  Companies using this simple but powerful management tool have seen significant cost savings, up to 20% or more.

Powerful Technology

Energy Manager v6.0 combines the latest .Net software technology with the most advanced data collection hardware to give you state of the art tracking and reporting capability.  Energy Manager v6.0 also includes the latest data interrogation techniques and enhanced 3D Matrix Back End GUI to produce truly interactive graphs and reports. The combination of these elements provides you with the ability to cross analyze any data you choose, in real time.


Energy Manager v6.0 analyzes data collected from an unlimited number of metering points, across all utilities (e.g., water, compressed air, gas, electric, and steam, etc.) and tariff schedules. It also collects sensor inputs such as temperature, pH, and nitrogen. In addition, Energy Manager v6.0 is designed to collect data from all leading building automation and process control systems.  Energy Manager v6.0 has an extensive set of format and database drivers that provide seamless integration of your enterprise's current and historical information.

User Friendly

Energy Manager v6.0 energy monitoring system offers unparalleled simplicity with intuitive drilldown functionality. Using a unique report linking capability, our proprietary software is designed so that all reports are no more than 3 clicks away!

Multi Platform Support

Energy AnalyticsEnergy Manager v6.0 runs on a wide variety of computers, tablets, and smart phones with support for nearly all of the browsers on the market today, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari just to name a few…


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