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Introducing Easy to use Energy Management Software

EFT Energy AutoStart makes it easy for users to get started with energy management software and gain insight about how your business‘ use energy.  This is a key step on your way to improving energy and operational efficiencies by finding energy wasters, reducing demand, and understanding how your operations impact energy consumption.
Energy Management Software

Energy Manager AutoStart™ is a fast and easy way to get started with the Energy Manager™ platform.  It is ideal for clients that are…

  • Just getting started with energy management systems and need to connect their first meter
  • Wishing to add existing meters, control systems, and production data to better manage energy consumption
  • Looking to add advanced energy analytics to identify opportunities to improve energy and operational efficiency

Here's How AutoStart Works:


Energy Management Software


  • Meters record totalized consumption data from any type of utility meter (WAGES)
    • Water
    • Compressed Air
    • Natural Gas
    • Electricity
    • Steam
    • etc.
  • Data collection device(s) retrieves meter data, control system, and production data and pushes it to EFT
  • EFT's data center stores, manages & reports the data in real-time
  • Energy Manager™ software analyzes & reports on the data collected
  • User logs into Show My Energy website and accesses data & reports


The EFT AutoStart™ platform supports several different data collection Devices:


  • EFT Nano
  • EFT Optimizer
  • Tridium JACE® via OBIX or Modbus TCP
  • EFT DATATrak


Here's what is included with EFT's AutoStart:

 One (1) Year Subscription to www.showmyenergy.com

  •  Hosted solution that stores, manages and reports your data
  • Receive user account with log in name/password. No set up required
  • Access your energy data from any web enabled computer
  • Instant productivity for all users with simplified, easy to use, basic reports


  • Start Up Support
  • User Training
  • Ongoing Support


  • Email Alarm Notification
  • Scalability - add devices and subscription data points
  • Combine multiple data collection devices into one user account
  • Advanced Energy Analytics Module

Plug and Play - 4 Easy Steps

  1. Client provides set up information (IP address/log in information, URL for each metering point)
  2. User account is activated and data is automatically pushed to hosted server from data collection devices (note that JACE® history data is pulled via OBIX)
  3. AutoStart server address/log in information is emailed to user once data transfer is complete
  4. User logs into Energy Manager™ AutoStart website and sets up account

Energy Management is Up and Running!

Energy Management Software