Full Featured Energy Management Software

The Energy Manager platform provides a number of general energy management software capabilities available to all users to gain immediate value in solving energy issues.  Users will find that these capabilities are not only easy and intuitive to use, but also provide a means to configure and customize the platform to meet your specific needs.

Intuitive, Easy to Use Drill-Down Navigation

The Drill-down capability within EFT's Energy Management Software allows you to customize meter groupings to quickly analyze energy patterns across any combination of meters in graphical and tabular format.

Automatic Reports

The Automatic Energy Reporting capability will print or email reports automatically at any given frequency and in a variety of formats such as Excel and PDF.

Customized Reports

The Custom Energy Reporting capability allows user to build their own custom reports and navigation to be configured specifically for how you think about your buildings, processes, and enterprise.


The Energy Management Software alarming capability allows user to setup various types of level and profile alarms to to instantly notify users via email, SMS, or MMS with energy consumption trends or anomalies.

What If Analysis

The platform make is easy for you to interrogate the system to find out what would happen if changes were made to current energy trending.

Degree Day Analysis

The Degree Day Analysis provides you with daily, weekly, and monthly data that can be used to analyze the effects of weather on a building’s or process’ heating and cooling needs.

Electric Bill Validation

The platform allows you generate Electric Bill Validation reports to trend, compare, and validate utility bills.

Tenant Billing

The platform facilitates the creation of internal or sublet Tenant Billing reports.