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Koch Acquires EFT Energy, a Leading SaaS and Solutions Provider for Predictive Analytics and Energy Management

WICHITA, Kan. (September 19, 2016) - Koch Technology and Optimization, LLC and Koch Minerals, LLC, both subsidiaries of Koch Industries, Inc., announced today the acquisition of EFT Energy, a leading software as a service and solutions provider in the fields of industrial and manufacturing predictive analytics, process optimization, and industrial and commercial energy management.

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Energy Management Software

Energy Management SoftwareEFT's Energy Manager AutoStart™ is a comprehensive, web-based energy management software platform that provides a wealth of real-time energy data, analytics, and drilldown reporting.  It gives system users the information they need to make intelligent business decisions.  Energy Manager AutoStart™ monitors usage across all utilities (water, compressed air, natural gas, electric, steam, and many other plant-wide utilities) along with key operating variables in both building and manufacturing processes across your enterprise or portfolio.  The "utility-grade" platform has been continuously proven, enhanced, and refined ever since its inception 15+ years ago.  The Energy Manager AutoStart™ user interface is extremely easy and intuitive to use as alerts, wizards, and drill down reports guide you to energy issues that require your attention.

Whether you are managing energy in a single facility or across your global enterprise, the Energy Manager AutoStart™, Energy Management Systems platform provides a great deal of flexibility allowing customers to grab energy, building, and process data directly from meters, process control systems, building automation systems, and other databases.  The hosted service allows users to easily access real-time data on-line from any web enabled computer.  Simply put, Energy Manager AutoStart™ collects, stores, and reports the data for you, freeing you to focus on actively managing your organization's energy consumption & operational efficiency.

Advanced Energy Analytics

EFT's Energy Management systems provides "clear box" multivariable regression modeling tools, which learn from dynamically changing operational, environmental and production data. The software automatically updates the multivariable regression models to review past decisions and forecast future requirements. The resulting data is fed back to the user as actionable information to optimize energy consumption. Pattern recognition and alarming capabilities alert users and/or control systems of anomalies, providing warnings for corrective action to prevent inefficiencies and waste.


  • Measurement & Verification
  • Energy Budgeting / Forecasting / Targeting
  • Weather & Operational Normalization
  • Energy Optimization / Control Strategy Integration
  • Production & Operational Forecasting
  • Energy Anomaly Detection & Profile Alarming

Value created for our clients

  • Identifies low cost / no cost operational and behavioral changes to save energy
  • Creates accurate budget forecasts and tracks results of past investments
  • Ranks and prioritizes energy saving projects and reduces capital expenditure risk
  • Simplifies the management of your building portfolio across wide geographic areas
  • Identifies and tracks operational best practices and helps you to replicate these across your enterprise
  • Enables proactive / predictive control, making existing control systems more effective at reducing energy
Energy Management Systems

Customizable Dashboards

EFT's Energy Management systems provides industry leading report and dashboard customization tools.  In addition to a comprehensive suite of basic and advanced reports, Energy Manager offers a fully integrated, easy-to-use report and dashboard building capability.

Energy Management Systems

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Energy Manager v6.0

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Service Center

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