Case Studies - Pfizer

Energy Monitoring System Pfizer is one of Ireland's leading employers and the largest pharmaceutical sector investor and employer.  One of the first pharmaceutical companies to locate in Ireland (1969), Pfizer has a rich heritage of innovation and expansion over a forty year period.

Pfizer's business interests in Ireland are diverse. There is a manufacturing presence in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Solid Dose Pharmaceuticals, Sterile Injectibles, Nutritionals, Vaccines and Biopharmaceuticals; commercial Human Prescription, Animal Health and Consumer Health products businesses; Global Financial Services centre and a global Treasury operation.

The Irish operations manufacture some of Pfizer's best selling and newest medicines including Lipitor (cardiovascular), Viagra (urology), Sutent (oncology), Enbrel (rheumatology) and Prevenar (vaccines). Ireland is a leading manufacturing base for Pfizer globally, exporting to global markets. Total capital investment by the company in Ireland exceeds $7billion.

Why EFT Energy Manager?

Pfizer installed EFT Energy Manager as part of a significant Energy Saving initiative. EFT was recommended to the Energy Manger at Pfizer by ESB. EFT were successful with their tender and since then the system has grown considerably and is now a fundamental part of their energy saving operations.

The initial installation of the energy monitoring system was a combination of existing utility meters and EFT software interfacing with Pfizer's Allen Bradley PLC. The system has rapidly grown over the last 5 years and is now set up to read over 200 meter values. These include energy dashboards for Electricity, Water, Steam, Gas, Compressed Air, Nitrogen and Refrigeration loads. The four main operating areas of the plant dominate the meter list, 3 of these are Organic Synthesis Plants and the other is Site Services. While the 80/20 guideline can't be discounted, the system will continue to be expanded in the future.

Return on Investment
An "Energy Master Plan" has been established at Pfizer. This would not have been possible without EFT Energy Manager. This plan involved setting budgets and base loads and tracking performance against these parameters. It is not possible to say exactly how much money the system has saved Pfizer but it is accepted that it is at least 5% and could be more. The system would have delivered a large part of these savings in the first year of use and it is now about maintaining these savings. The system is essential in order to validate energy saving projects and helps eliminate waste on a daily basis.

Maintenance and Support
Pfizer have an annual Maintenance and Support Contract in place with EFT.  This contract provides 6 site visits per annum from an EFT Engineer. The contract also includes an annual upgrade to the software and can be used for the following:

  • Building Client specific Reports
  • Customer Training
  • Automated Alarming
  • Designing and Scheduling Auto Reports
  • Technical Training
  • Setting up new meters
  • System maintenance / troubleshooting
  • Scoping surveys for system expansion

The most recent software upgrade incorporated the new Auto Reports module which has been invaluable. EFT has worked closely with Pfizer in order to create a range of automatic reports which are now widely distributed amongst Pfizer employees. This has created a greater awareness and knowledge regarding energy consumption and associated wastage helping to unite staff in their bid to cut costs and reduce Pfizer's carbon footprint.

Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) Award Winner
In 2005 Pfizer Ringasciddy won the SEI's (now Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) distinguished Energy Awareness Campaign award.

SEI Report:
Energy Awareness Campaign - 1 Winner

The judges were particularly looking for campaigns that engaged people at all levels of the organisation.

This energy intensive company worked with a communications firm to help create an innovative energy awareness campaign that would grab peoples' attention.

It is based on the battle between three characters - "Waysta","Konserv" and "Redusa" - in order to foster a culture of energy awareness and conservation. The award was won by Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals - Ringasciddy.

The Future
EFT Energy Manager will continue to grow at Pfizer and in the short term it is likely that process chillers and water meters may be added to the system. EFT will continue to work closely with Pfizer over the coming years and look forward to continued success.