Case Studies - AIB Bankcentre

Fiachra Crean, Engineering Services Department of AIB Reports:

Energytracked is proving to be an excellent system for AIB Bankcentre Headquarters, Dublin. By using Energytracked - EFT's energy management software, we have identified areas where potential savings can be made by implementing changes and energy reduction measures. The system has not been in long, but has already identified some areas of energy wastage. By using Energytracked in conjunction with our energy management strategy, we feel we can reduce our energy consumption by a further 10%.

We find Energytracked user-friendly and easy to navigate, and we have developed an excellent working relationship with EFT Control Systems. Where there were any functions about which we were unclear, we found the support provided by the training staff highly professional.

Following on from data acquired by Energytracked, we have implemented our "winter peak reduction scheme" and have already seen substantial reduced energy costs.

4th March 2009 N.B. Energytracked is the rebranded version of
Energy Manager for ESB Independent Energy.