Advanced Energy Analytics Software Reporting Modules

Provide Greater Operational Insight...

EFT's Advanced Analytics Software package includes a number of advanced reports to help you better understand underlying efficiency drivers.  Whether you need to forecast, budget, or track energy consumption or find energy problems quickly, the Advanced Energy Analytics software tool makes it easy for you.  The reports below utilize EFT's multi variable regression models to learn how your facilities and processes are working and then normalize energy consumption and forecast to operating variables to show you what is really driving energy and operations within your facilities.


Profile Analysis

Advanced Energy Analytics

The profile analysis reports show you how your current energy consumption compares with both moving averages and forecasted or expected energy consumption.  The platform also provides proactive alerts / alarms, when energy consumption varies from expected levels.


Forecast Report

Advanced Energy AnalyticsThe forecast report utilizes multi variable regression models, which "learn" how your facilities and processes operate.  The system creates short-, medium-, and long-term forecasts of energy and production values based on predictor variables.  The report can be used for budgeting, targeting, and procurement activities.


Advanced Energy AnalyticsEnergy Anomaly Detection

The Energy Anomaly Detection report allows users to build traps to find energy wasters, demand spikes, and other energy events that are impacting profitability.  The report will help users prioritize their maintenance and capital investment needs by measuring energy and cost impacts to your business.

Project Tracking Report

The project tracking report shows users how specific measurements, adjustments, tuning activities and energy conservation measures are performing with respect to established targets.  The report shows how projects are performing from a financial & engineering units perspective.



Advanced Energy Analytics Software Applications

  • Measurement & Verification (IPMVP, ISO 50001, etc.)
  • Energy Budgeting / Forecasting / Targeting
  • Weather & Operational Normalization
  • Energy Optimization / Control Strategy Integration
  • Production & Operational Forecasting
  • Energy Anomaly Detection & Profile Alarming