About Us

We are a leading Software as a Service and solutions provider in the fields of industrial predictive analytics, process optimization, and energy management.

Our groundbreaking analytics platform and intuitive visual interface allow engineers to optimize industrial processes, detect root causes of unforeseen events, and identify sources of energy savings. With a drag-and-drop graphical user interface built on top of a powerful analytics engine, our software helps engineers and citizen data scientists rapidly make new insights into their systems and processes, without requiring advanced training in programming or statistics.

Our cloud-based software platform imports, aggregates, and validates data from various sources, including Microsoft tools; relational databases; and real-time data from industrial machinery, sensors, control systems, and power-consumption monitors. Users create data models using a visual interface, and results can be monitored in realtime through a visual dashboard or returned to a facility's process control system via interfaces. Through machine learning each model becomes more intelligent over time.

EFT, with offices in New York City, NY, Dublin, Ireland, and Wichita, KS, provides predictive analytics, process optimization, and energy management solutions for over 100 large clients in North America and Europe. EFT was founded by CTO Craig Ennis in Dublin, Ireland, in 1998 and commenced US operations in 2009.